August 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Choices,

THANK YOU for your support that is saving lives and changing our city! Every week we see women who are not looking for pregnancy verification to receive assistance, but women and men who many times believe we are an abortion clinic. Here they are met with the utmost dignity, professional services and the love of Christ.

“Erica” thought we were an abortion clinic. She is in college, working and has been with her boyfriend for a year. Her boyfriend attends FSU and was preparing to leave to go back. He did not want her to have the baby and made an appointment for her to have an abortion. “Erica” said she was praying and hoping that something would happen so she wouldn’t have to have the abortion.

“Erica’s” test was positive and like many the ultrasound was so early that there was not a vivid picture yet of her unborn child. When she left the clinic that day she was very conflicted although her boyfriend was pressuring her to have an abortion.

Soon after, while on their way to the abortion clinic, “Erica” changed her mind. She told her boyfriend she would not have an abortion but put the baby up for adoption. She said that she remembered the conversation from when she was at CHOICES and wanted to talk more about her options.

“Erica” returned for another ultrasound and saw her baby developed and thriving. She considered all her options of parenting or adoption. With the support of her family, she decided to keep her baby. The smile on her face and the freedom of her decision to carry her baby and chose LIFE was a turning point in “Erica’s” decision to walk with Christ and make the right choice!

YOUR gifts provide CHOICES to offer a beautiful clinic staffed with medical professionals and dedicated volunteers who offer her dignity, respect, hope and truth. Your gifts and partnership are saving lives of women and men from the devastation of abortion, saving their babies’ lives, and offering the hope of the Gospel!

LIFE Matters,



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