February 2018 Newsletter

I often wonder what it would look like if we weren’t here. Thanks to you and your faithfulness to support CHOICES we ARE here. We are frequently reminded of the impact of a life that may have never been or the transformation of hearts and lives from Christ-centered support that may have never happened.
Sometimes we will never fully comprehend here on earth the impact of our financial gift, the Gospel shared, or the value of CHOICES. And sometimes we get a glimpse of heaven on earth! A recent heaven on earth experience happened.

“James” and “Sherry” were in high school and found themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. They felt they could not share this with their parents and their only option was abortion. As they looked for a clinic they found us believing we could help them carry out their decision of aborting their child! When they saw their baby on the ultrasound they cried and knew from that moment on they could not have an abortion.

CHOICES was able to help “James” and “Sherry” talk with their parents, partake in parenting development classes, walk along side them, and point them to their local church. They both finished high school and shortly after got married as new parents of a beautiful little girl.
Fast forward to today. Beautiful “Jennifer” just turned 2 and I had to share this note and picture with you.

“Happy birthday to the most amazing little girl! I’ve never truly understood how unconditional a mother’s love is until I met you for the first time! I will never forget that feeling I had and the rush of joy that came to me when I first saw you first on the ultrasound and then when you were born! Your growing up so fast and getting so big and I wish time would slow down. I wish you all the blessings that God has in store for you and all the joy and adventures that life throws at you! I can’t wait to see the person you will become! Every day I thank God for trusting me and blessing me to raise such a beautiful little girl!”

A picture says 1,000 words! Your gift impacts lives in ways you may never fully know here on earth. Thank you for sharing with us so lives like this couple can remind us all of a glimpse of heaven on earth!

Until there are 0…

APRIL 28, 2018
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