ZERO Campaign

GO where abortions are happening.
CHANGE abortion in Orlando.
Until there are ZERO.


from the largest abortion clinic

in Central Florida.

The 2nd largest

demographic seeking abortion today is Hispanic. In Kissimmee, 70% of the population is Hispanic.


in Florida is legal through 6 weeks

 of pregnancy.

We are thrilled to announce that our doors are now open in Kissimmee, and the grand opening of our clinic is just around the corner. This amazing achievement is because of you, and we couldn’t have come this far without your commitment and generosity.

Thank you for being such an essential part of our journey. We can’t wait to celebrate with you at our grand opening and continue our work together to save lives and empower moms, dads, and their babies in the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

A half-mile from the largest abortion clinic in Central Florida.

We will be purchasing a 5,000 sq ft building, built in 2010. We will renovate the interior to exhibit the same professionalism to match our other locations.

We will own the building and rent out the unused portion to offset our expense.

Operation at the Downtown & UCF location will remain the same. The administrative offices for all three locations will be at the Downtown location. This will serve as our third location and will increase our capacity to serve more women and men facing unplanned pregnancies in Orlando. With multiple locations, more people can be served.

Make the Impossible, Possible. We want to make abortion unthinkable and we won’t stop until there are ZERO.
Join us today in The ZERO Campaign.

“You made the heavens and the earth by your power and your outstretched arm. Nothing is impossible for you.”
— Jeremiah 32:17