November 2017 Newsletter

This month we gratefully reflect on our many gifts and blessings from above! Each gift is a reminder of the ultimate Giver who takes a generous heart to protect His most precious GIFT OF LIFE and allows us all to experience the unexplainable joy of a saved baby and a saved soul.
“Karen” walked in without an appointment. She wanted to confirm her pregnancy, have an STD test, and was considering abortion for her child. With little family to support her, a boyfriend who had deceived her, and friends telling her to “get rid of it”, she was fearful of her future.
“Karen” was overwhelmed with indecision when she saw her 10-week-old baby on the ultrasound. Her brother who she lives with was ambivalent, and her circle of friends kept asking why she would have a baby right now. “Karen” left that day undecided but agreed to come back for her STI results and to start our new life coaching program, FLOURISH.

“Karen” arrived the next week an hour early. She said she just wanted to sit in the waiting room because our clinic was so peaceful and beautiful. After talking with the medical staff and Volunteer Advocate again she felt more compelled to continue her pregnancy.

Even though she had a “Christian” upbringing, she was turned off by the hypocrisy she saw in the lives of family members and friends. During her coaching session, our Life Coach felt a strong prompting to share the Gospel. “Karen” said she had an abortion at 16 and felt so much guilt and shame. Through the power and truth of the cross, she met the only One who could forgive her and give her a new life as she accepted Christ as her personal Lord and Savior.

This is only the beginning…a new beginning for “Karen”. Partner with us in prayer as we walk through this pregnancy and coach her to make healthy decisions for her and her baby’s future, and ultimately connect her to a local church who can become the family she needs! Thank you for your investment that is impacting real lives in a real way!

Until there are 0…


  • We recently launched a Google AdWords campaign, and as a result in October we received 70 abortion-determined calls with 59 making appointments!
  • REDEEM, our 8-week Abortion Recovery Group begins in January. If you or anyone you know is interested, please give me a call.

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