April 2020

We have made it through another month quarantined and another month of being OPEN and seeing how the Lord chooses to use us day by day. ALL of us means YOU, because we could not be here without your generous partnership that allows us to say YES Lord!

The second week of mandated orders for COVID-19 brought “Jessica” and her boyfriend “Jeff” to our clinic. Like many, they believed abortion was their best choice and we would help. She and her boyfriend were in a new relationship and in no way felt prepared to have a baby. Due to the pandemic, Jeff had lost his job and they were wondering how they could make it.

Like many who enter our doors, Jessica was only 4 and a half weeks pregnant and it was too early to see anything on an ultrasound. Due to our loving volunteers and medical staff, Jessica and Jeff felt respected, cared for and not judged. That day they made another appointment to come back in two weeks for an ultrasound. And we went to work…praying!

During that time, they could have had the abortion. The Holy Spirit was working and I know that providing them with a professional, medical model empowers them to make healthy choices. Jessica and Jeff came back for the ultrasound two weeks later. Even before they had the ultrasound, they shared they had decided they could not go through with the abortion. While doing the ultrasound it was determined they were most likely having a miscarriage and were referred to their Dr. for additional follow up. They left heavy hearted after a few tears were shed as this was not what anyone expected.

What an opportunity we had to love them and share Jesus Christ and the hope withing us! They could have gone to an abortion clinic and regretted terminating their child all the days of their lives. They could have found out else where they were having a miscarriage and not loved on the way they were at CHOICES!

Thank YOU for saying YES to partnering with us and YES to sharing the hope and love of Jesus. Speaking words of LIFE and sharing the hope within us changes the course of life and the untold story yet to unfold.



Site plans have been APPROVED and building plans were submitted on April 14th! Demolition will take place soon…STAND BY!


Stay tuned for our Grand Announcement of our 1st VIRTUAL Prayer WALK FOR LIFE held on May 2nd and what we have raised.

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