May 2020

YOU are saving and changing lives with CHOICES. The month of May has been even busier due to some restrictions lifted by our governor as we continued to practice as an “essential” business. You might be wondering what has it been like to be open during our quarantine.

To give you a glimpse, let me share the scope of our ministry this month from age 14 to age 49 (and everything in between). Both tested positive. Both came here wanting an abortion and believing we would help them with a termination. And both experienced the life changing love of Jesus.

The 14-year-old patient came in with her mom. Her mom said that hands down her daughter was going to have an abortion and she did not want her to “ruin her life”. Due to complications with the father of the baby being deported due to legal age issues, she felt there was no other way around their situation. Through loving staff and the beauty of the ultrasound of a 9-week-old baby, the mother began to cry. At that moment she said, “We are going to have this baby”. At that moment the daughters face lit up and she was relieved. They could not thank us enough on their way out the door.

The 49-year-old patient came in alone determined if she were pregnant, abortion was her only option. Grown children, and COVID financial concerns were the reality driving her decision. Even after an early ultrasound she was sure about her decision. The amazing staff scheduled an appointment for her to return for her STD test results the following week. When she arrived for her results, the medical staff convinced her to have another ultrasound to check viability. Sadly, the ultrasound showed a potential miscarriage in process. The patient cried and thanked the staff so much for not judging her and being so supportive.

I have no doubt that each one of these, and the 100+ patients we saw in between were touched by the love of Jesus demonstrated by loving volunteers and your support and prayers. The Lord working in mysterious ways is a truth we live out every single day here at CHOICES. We don’t know how He will use us to save and transform lives but we know He does use us to redeem and restore as we are powerless without Him.

Often our work is trusting that today we see in part but someday we will see in full the fullness of the Gospel being shared in word and deed! Your faithfulness as a Kingdom investor will return eternal rewards. Enjoy the beauty of reaching 135 abortion determined women, 46 saved babies so far, 3 who prayed to receive Christ in May and the stories yet to be told! Thank you for investing in us and with us!

Until there are 0…



Demolition will take place soon…STAND BY! Pray for our Board as we make BIG decisions.


2nd raised $219,701. THANK YOU!

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