August 2020

giftThank you for your special gift to see 76% who walk through the doors at CHOICES choose LIFE. That’s a big deal…a really big deal! Your partnership as a champion is restoring, redeeming, and impacting a woman, a man, and a family you may never meet.

A few weeks ago, “Rachel” and her mom “Susan” stopped by to see us. It just so happened to be on a day when the medical staff she had seen seven months ago was here by no accident even though they are part-time. Upon first coming to our clinic, Rachel was doubtful she would have her baby and was feeling very alone and scared. During the ultrasound she commenting that she couldn’t believe there was a heart already beating. Before leaving, she said she was probably going to have an abortion.

However, Rachel returned a few weeks later to our clinic…still pregnant. During the second ultrasound, she was shocked at how much the baby had grown. She mentioned she might consider keeping the baby but was afraid to tell her Christian parents and was concerned about their reaction. In the months that followed, we were unable to reach Rachel.

cute-babyThat is…until a few weeks ago. She and her mom, Susan came from out of town to show us her perfect, beautiful, baby girl, born two months ago. Her Mom handed us a card and bouquet of flowers sharing that she was forever grateful for the support and acceptance we had shown her daughter. They both shared how this little girl is the greatest gift to their family. This perfect love had been her best choice!

Rachel and Susan have come back since to tell their story on video. We have captured it to share with you as a beautiful reminder of the impact you make in saving lives! Please join us for our VIRTUAL BENEFIT on October 8th to hear more life- changing stories as we celebrate LIFE! While we can’t meet in person, the need is great and we want to give everyone an opportunity to RISE UP. Share with your friends and family and register today at NOW IS THE TIME with exciting days and promises ahead!



Virtual Benefit • October 8th

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