August 2023

We are so thankful for your investment in CHOICES and the UCF Clinic to reach students where they need it most. You provide a safe place for students facing the unexpected to find truth, hope, and judgment free care. We have all made statements like this, ” some things in life are just not what we signed up for!” None of us would sign up for an unplanned pregnancy during college. “Leah” sure didn’t, either!

With just one semester left before graduation, while working a night shift and applying for nursing school, Leah had her course set to eventually get a Ph.D. Breaking up with her boyfriend wasn’t in her plans either. Yet, right here is where she found herself facing an unplanned pregnancy. She was so stressed she couldn’t concentrate on studying. Her intention was abortion. Although she was determined to carry out the plan and correct her course, her previous abortion a few years before prompted her to ask more in-depth medical questions to ensure the pregnancy was viable before paying for an abortion.

Because we know nothing is by chance, Leah came to CHOICES and saw our nurse Kim, who happened to have had a similar story. Leah told Kim she was a Christian and that she knows Jesus personally. This opened the door for Kim to share with her sister in Christ, Leah, how the Lord gave her the strength she needed to choose parenting and that she never regretted it. Before leaving, Leah allowed Kim to pray for her. She returned three times for ultrasounds, allowing us to speak life into her undecided circumstances. On her last visit, Leah announced, “I am having this baby.”

Leah graduated as planned, moved to be near family, and not long after, started nursing school. A few months ago, sweet “Alexis” was born. Leah said, “Alexis is the light of my life, and I can’t imagine life without her. I also couldn’t imagine I could have accomplished as much as I have. I am so thankful for CHOICES and all you’ve done to help me.”

Your generosity makes it possible to GO where abortions are happening in Orlando. And you create the refuge for unexpected possibilities to walk through our doors daily! YOU are changing abortion, and together, we have the privilege to witness life after life changed and transformed. Thank you for creating the thin places where the unplanned can become imaginable and simply beautiful for all!

Until there are 0…


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