July 2023

We have all experienced moments when we desperately want God to speak and give us a sign, only to be met with radio silence. Maybe you’re there now, praying, watching for the next step, and waiting for a response that never seems to come. As believers, we know we don’t need a burning bush because we orient our lives toward discerning the will of God. But the next step can be overwhelming for a woman who is unsure of her faith in God and now finds herself considering abortion. If she is confused and afraid, she may be looking for a sign.

“Kiara,” 23, was in the first spring of her teaching career when she learned she was pregnant. She had worked so hard to get her job, so she called Planned Parenthood, intent on having an abortion. When Kiara found that they do not take insurance, she called CHOICES, grateful for our free services. She was thrilled to get a same-day appointment, and after school, she arrived with her boyfriend, “Andre,” who also taught at the same school. After the ultrasound, Kiara asked an exhaustive list of questions about abortion while Andre sat quietly. They both agreed to return for STI results and another ultrasound the following week.

Kiara called early on the morning of her follow-up appointment to cancel, stating that she was flying to New York that day to visit family and have her abortion. Our nurse confirmed that if, for any reason, she changed her mind, we would be happy to reschedule. She also told Kiara she would follow up the next week to see how she was feeling.

That’s when we reached out to many of YOU, over 800 prayer partners, asking God to “use her circumstances to help her find you.” And He did just that! When her nurse followed up over the next few weeks, she got no answer. A month later, her nurse tried one final time, and Kiara answered! After several canceled abortion appointments in both NY and FL, she accepted it as a sign that she is supposed to have her baby! Both Kiara and Andre signed up and attended our Legacy: Parenting Development course this summer. During parenting class, Andre rededicated his life to Christ, and they are now working on their relationship with each other and God while they wait for their baby girl to arrive.

Thank you for giving your life-changing gift to help support Kiara and Andre, and so many like them, as they desperately search for a sign, looking for their own burning bush. Thank you for praying. Many could have, but you did! Your giving and your prayer are sacred tasks that grow God’s kingdom, and I thank Him for inviting you and me to be part of His work!

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