August Ministry Story

Dear Friends of Choices,

“Nicole” was determined to have an abortion. Like many women she called Choices Women’s Clinic because she was seeking an abortion. We assured her we could provide a confirmation of pregnancy and an ultra sound to show if her pregnancy was viable and she made an appointment.

sonography When “Nicole” met with our volunteer advocate she confirmed her intentions. If she were pregnant she was going to have an abortion. She was not in a relationship supportive of a commitment or parenting, although her greatest reason was based on fear and pain. She had placed a baby for adoption four years ago and had a traumatic experience with an open adoption. “Nicole” experienced years of clinical depression and she said her only solace was knowing her baby was safe.

During the ultrasound “Nicole” saw her sweet baby on the big screen. Through the vivid picture of our new ultrasound machine she connected with her beautiful 7-week old baby. As she saw the heart beating tears filled her eyes. She now realized she could consider adoption again. Through a loving volunteer, our medical staff and her family who came with her, she is making a plan with an agency of choice to work on an adoption plan.

Pray for “Nicole” as she walks through this courageous decision to give her baby life. Pray we will continue to be a friend to love her through her decision as she walks by faith. YOUR investment is a beautiful offering of hope and love! THANK YOU for your partnership!

LIFE Matters,

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