September Ministry Story

Dear Friends of Choices,

I met “Veronica” at a playground. She heard me talking about my church. With no emotion she told me she wanted an abortion and was also thinking of suicide. I took a deep breath and knew I was in the right place at the right time.

september-news-pic“Veronica” and I talked for a little while and she explained her situation: she was 11 weeks pregnant, married for 9 years, but currently separated from her husband. She felt he loved her, but was never home, working all of the time. They had 2 children together. She told me that her boyfriend, the father of the baby she is carrying told her to have an abortion. He was a deacon at his church and under no circumstances did he want anyone to know. “Veronica” said she couldn’t afford the abortion and was thinking of suicide. She said she had lost her faith in God and Jesus. If a church deacon could suggest such things, then she wanted no part of God and Christianity. I asked if she would come into our clinic and explore options for she and her baby.

She came in a few days later and an ultrasound was performed. “Veronica”said she had a history of depression, anxiety and really felt she needed counseling. She is meeting with our clinic’s counselor and is scheduled to return once a week. She has committed to carrying this baby and is currently considering the adoption process through continuing education.

Thank you for your generous gift so that we can continue to meet the needs of women like “Veronica”! Pray we will continue to love her well through these difficult days. YOUR partnership is a gift that changes lives and saves lives!

LIFE Matters,

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