December 2018 Newsletter

As we have closed out 2018 and usher in a New Year, I am especially reminded of many babies who have experienced their FIRST Christmas and moms and dads who can’t imagine it any other way! YOUR generous support changes the outcome as hundreds of babies have been saved and hearts transformed in 2018.
“Brenda” was doing an internship at Disney and found herself in a place she never thought she would be. Through Google she came to CHOICES believing we could provide an abortion for her. She was open to our services and was met with loving staff and volunteers who provided accurate medical information, an ultrasound and acceptance. Although she left that day considering her options, she could not imagine having a baby, disappointing her parents, and not completing her dream with Disney.

Brenda returned for an ultrasound, additional consultation and an STI test result the following week. As she connected with the volunteer advocate and the nurse, she knew she could not abort her baby. Although scared and uncertain of her future she made a courageous decision to choose life for her baby believing somehow God would work out the details.

Now back in her home state, Brenda can’t imagine having made another decision. She is beyond thankful that she found CHOICES even though she thought we were an abortion clinic. In fact, it is true that a picture says 1,000 words. Her family, friends, and church community have surrounded her with the support she needs and she has shared these pictures with us.

As she awaits the birth of her son, we are reminded of the FIRSTS to come in 2019! Your investment has literally brought changed outcomes to 473 moms and 473 dads this year who would have chosen abortion, taking the life of their child and robbing them of dignity, value and peace.

We are thankful for YOUR investment that is incalculable to the FIRSTS and Gods absolute plan for a hope and future for each child, mom, dad and the families represented. May you experience the true joy of giving as each and every day your investment is at work in changing our city! Thank YOU and a very happy New Year!

Until there are 0…

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