January 2019

As we have launched into 2019, we have had the busiest January in 35 years with 225 patient visits. We received 145 calls for those seeking abortion and our clinic was filled with women and men determined to choose abortion. YOUR investment changes the outcome of what could have been tragic for moms and dads to a hope and a future!

“Amanda” and “John” have been married for 5 years with no children waiting for the “right time”. After her shocking positive home pregnancy test, she made a call to CHOICES looking for an abortion. The couple had just recently bought a house and said that right now they could not take on any more financially.

As difficult as it seemed to make this hard decision, they were convinced it was for the best. After meeting with our volunteer advocate, Amanda’s heart began to soften. When she considered the options of parenting, adoption or abortion, she indicated she wanted to parent her baby.

It was not until John was brought in for the ultrasound and they saw their 13-week-old baby on the screen sucking its thumb, that they decided there was no way they could abort their baby. Amanda remarked that the baby had a big toe and they probably got that from her husband. We saw their tears turn to laughter as they identified with their baby. When the nurse asked if they would like to review first trimester abortion, Amanda quickly said, “That is absolutely not an option”.
We are thankful for YOUR partnership to be a part of what could have been a story that changed the outcome for this couple and destiny for this baby. Thank YOU from those who will never know you or the investment you made. We know the One who knows and the hope and a future for this couple who will never regret finding CHOICES, receiving education and love when looking for an abortion.
Until there are 0…

Record Breaking January . 225 Visits

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