February 2019

At CHOICES, we don’t have Hollywood screen writers to write our stories. And, our stories can’t wrap up in a precise, two-hour window with a predicted ending like a Hallmark movie.

With your generous support, we reach out to those whose situations appear hopeless, because we believe in miracles. Together, we believe in a God who takes the broken people and broken circumstances, rolls up His sleeves and says, “I’m not finished here.”

“Nicole” just could not see a way through. At 20 years old, she had a 1 year old baby and was feeling overwhelmed. She was working on her life and getting her GED so she could enroll in community college. Nicole and her boyfriend “Stephen” said that they believed abortion is wrong, could not have another baby right now, and they could not carry a bay and place it for adoption. Although, Nicole’s family and friends were very supportive of her beautiful son, everyone wanted her to abort her baby.

Although Nicole and Stephen were genuinely appreciative of the ultrasound, education about abortion, and STD testing, they declined the ultrasound pictures of their baby. Nicole cried though much of the appointment as our nurse answered questions about the surgical procedure of abortion. She thanked and hugged our staff and we began to pray knowing only the Lord can change a person’s mind and heart.

Three days later, Nicole and Stephen arrived at OWC abortion clinic where they met John Barros, a sidewalk evangelist. You can imagine their surprise when John gave them a card for CHOICES and they said they had been here. After going inside the clinic and waiting with 14 other moms for the abortionist, Stephen continued to come back outside to talk with John. After a few hours, he couldn’t take it anymore and he went in and got Nicole and together they made a decision for LIFE!
The Lord allows ordinary people to work in the lives of hurting people to provide hope and help. WE are those ordinary people. Through YOUR support, you are too! With every gift you invest in miracles. You need to know, far more often than you might imagine, these miracles take place. Our stories may not make it on Hallmark, but they are very real and count in ways we don’t fully understand. Thank you for making each one possible!
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