February 2020

I often wonder what it would look like if you did not invest in CHOICES and if we weren’t here ready in season and out. I am reminded often of the power of the words of life instead of the words of death spoken to women and men at abortion clinics. Knowing each patient is a divine appointment and each gift is significant to outcomes that last a lifetime and beyond.

“Kristie” was achieving her dream as an Olympian. She had been selected and was training diligently for a promising future when she found out she was pregnant. Scared, with little support from her boyfriend she knew abortion was her answer. She googled the clinic, read our reviews and called to make an appointment hoping we could provide one for her.

When Kristie arrived at CHOICES, she was determined the answer to their unplanned pregnancy was abortion. The advocate met with the couple who found themselves in a place they never thought they would be, to make a decision they never thought they would have to make. At CHOICES we deliver accurate information and a medical assessment with a nurse.

They are given their options of parenting, adoption and abortion and empowered to choose life. During this time, we speak words of life delivered with the love of Jesus and many times this is the turning point.

Kristie’s turning point came through the words of our advocate and nurse as they spoke life. She saw for herself she could continue her dream to compete in the Olympics but she would be sacrificing her own child to do so. When Kristie and her boyfriend saw their baby on the ultrasound, they were shocked to see the heartbeat and they knew at that moment, their decision to choose life in spite of a career was the right decision for them.


Only the Lord can change a heart and certainly a life-changing decision for life or death. We GET to be the vehicle and your gift matters for Kingdom purpose. Thank you for investing in outcomes that last a lifetime!

Until there are 0…



Still finalizing requirements for plans to be submitted to Seminole in the next few weeks…Please Pray!



Walk for LIFE – MAY2nd

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