January 2020

Every single day we are thankful for you because every single day we receive phone calls asking for an abortion. Every day more than half walking through our doors are determined to abort their baby. And every day your generous gift is saving and transforming lives.

“Megan” was looking for an abortion clinic when she walked into CHOICES sure she could have her abortion that day. She was upset to find out we do not do or refer for abortion and said she was going to leave. After clearing up the misunderstanding, Megan decided to stay so she could have an ultrasound.

Megan and her husband have four children. They are parenting two and she has been a surrogate after her church encouraged surrogacy, birthing a set of twins eleven months ago. She said they were not prepared to have another child and termination was her only option.

To say the least, she was very closed and even told the volunteer patient advocate to not pray for her and was not interested in a spiritual discussion. Although she threatened to leave, she decided to stay for an ultrasound. Much to our surprise and Megan’s, was not one but two ten-week-old babies.

At that point Megan literally did a one-eighty. She began to laugh through her tears and said, “Well, I guess the Lord has a sense of humor. I have always wanted twins.” Megan even said to the volunteer and medical staff she would “take the prayer now.” After a beautiful time in prayer Megan left quite different with a new plan for her and her babies’ lives.

The reality is Megan could have had an abortion that day had she walked into an abortion clinic. By no mistake did she come to Choices Women’s Clinic, believing we could provide that for her. She left with hope and a new determination to embrace God’s blessings in her family’s life. And when she left, we marveled at watching the Lord work in her heart.

Thank you for your faithfulness to provide hope, truth and the love of Jesus on the front line every day! Together we will change the culture of life in our city.

Until there are 0…


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