January 2018 Newsletter

As we have launched into a new year, we are reminded of the needs in our city and the reality of the hardships that so many face. We are thankful for your partnership that changes and saves lives every day!
“Amanda” walked in without an appointment. She found us on her phone through a Google search for an abortion. She was apprehensive and wanted to find out for sure if she was pregnant. A woman who had aged out of the foster care system, with no support system, “Amanda” couldn’t imagine at 20 years old she would have choices and didn’t know what the facts were about abortion procedures and risks.
“Amanda” tested positive, began crying and buried her head in her hands. When offered an ultrasound, she reluctantly agreed. The medical team educated her about abortion and she saw her 9-week-old baby on ultrasound, which began to soften her heart. “Amanda” felt so alone and has had so much pain, rejection and abuse in her life.
Our volunteer Advocate who had also been in the same situation at her age was able to share with her the only way, truth and life to avoid being completely alone in this world. “Amanda” responded and asked Jesus into her heart as her Lord and Savior and then asked the pivotal question many first-time moms have asked: “Do you think I can be a good mom?”

“Amanda” left CHOICES with a CHOICE for life, a CHOICE for eternal life and a CHOICE to come back. She will be returning for FLOURISH, our 9-week Life Coaching program, so we can walk alongside of her during this journey. Pray with us that we can build a relationship and get her connected to a local church to be her family.
As you invest in us we are able to invest in her. Your gift is priceless because there is no price tag for life. Thank you for investing so we can offer women and men healthy pregnancy options that bear fruit and LIFE!

Until there are 0…


March 3 WALK Kick Off Breakfast
For Church Champions
APRIL 28, 2018 Walk for LIFE

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