January 2024

Do you ever wonder how a woman or man seeking abortion finds us? It’s a question we often can’t answer, but there is no denying God’s hand in every anointed appointment at CHOICES. We count it a privilege that He chooses to use US to sow into these divine encounters, and He uses YOUR investment to help her find us while frantically searching for an abortion.

“Tonya” showed up at an abortion clinic right down the street. She sat inside for a few minutes but eventually walked out because it was “dirty and didn’t feel right.” She called around to several other clinics but couldn’t get an appointment that same day until she called us. The first question she asked when she arrived was, “Do you prescribe abortion pills?” When we explained our limitation of services and that we do not perform or refer for abortions, it seemed to agitate her, but she did agree to stay for an ultrasound.

Tonya explained she was waiting for her Visa to be approved to stay in the US. Being a single mom with two children was not her ideal scenario. She shared the pregnancy news with her mother, who told her not to have an abortion because God would “punish her.” Although she attended church as a child, she said she was “not into religion.” Her nurse shared that faith in Christ flows deeper than religion, and she was open to her nurse sharing the Gospel. Tonya was kind but not receptive to the conversation and was anxious to have her ultrasound.

You could hear a pin drop in the room as Tonya watched her 9-week-old baby on the screen; no tears, no conversation, and no indication of how she felt seeing her fully formed preborn child. When the nurse handed her the discharge paperwork, she noticed she had removed the CHOICES brochure and set it back on the counter. When her nurse picked it up, hoping she had forgotten it, Tonya returned it and said, “Please take this. After seeing that ultrasound, I can’t have an abortion.” 

As she gathered her belongings to leave, all the tears Tonya had been holding back welled up. Her nurse hugged her and asked her if she could pray for her. Afterward, Tonya said she was skeptical about us but was so thankful she came to CHOICES. 

Tonya returned for an additional ultrasound and brought her two children, excited to see their new brother or sister on the screen! Please continue to pray as we help Tonya and her family find the support they need in the days and months ahead. Thank you for loving moms, loving LIFE, and loving CHOICES! Your gift may seem so simple, but it is truly profound!

Until there are 0…

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