February 2024

Have you heard the news recently that abortion pills (aka at-home-abortions) is now 63% and the overall number of abortions last year in the US increased? That’s why your investment at CHOICES matters and why we have been able to provide telehealth services to reach those looking for pills. Your gift matters in small ways and very BIG ways!

Like the majority of our calls, Tahina called looking for abortion pills. During her telehealth call, she learned that she would need a “pre-abortion screening” to confirm her pregnancy, so she came to CHOICES the following day for an appointment. Tahina was divorced and had a 4-year-old, but she also knew the pain of choosing abortion for a subsequent pregnancy, so it all gave her reason to pause.

Tahina shared that she was working full time, going to trade school, and struggling as a single divorced mom with an abusive ex-spouse who could not have another child. She had grown up in a Muslim home but was not practicing her faith. She worked for a Christian company and was familiar with Christianity. Her boyfriend of one year was initially very excited about the pregnancy but began to second guess the responsibility that would come with the commitment of marriage and parenting, so they agreed to “get an abortion.”

It was so early in her pregnancy that Tahina’s first visit resulted in a negative test. She agreed to come back and was still determined to have an abortion. Two weeks later, her second visit entailed another pregnancy test that was positive. She also permitted a spiritual conversation and prayer and wanted to know more about Christianity. Thanks to you, we were able to give her a “Story Bible” so she could see what Jesus Christ was all about! A few weeks later, because of the love, education, and support she received, Taina returned for her first ultrasound.

The next time she came in, Tahina and “Zachery” had decided to get married and were now EXCITED to have their baby. Wow! Not only did she choose life, but Tahina had read the entire Old Testament and was captivated by what she read, saying, “I realize now that this baby is a gift from God.” The Gospel was shared again, and a deeper spiritual conversation followed. Though she didn’t pray to receive Christ that day, this story continues to be written, the profound details of The Master at work. Thank you for your generosity in making this moment possible and for your prayers for the tiny glimpses where we see God orchestrating the most profound details with every call, every appointment, and every divine whisper along the way.

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