January Newsletter

Dear Friends of Choices,

januaryWomen seeking abortion are looking for medical services they can trust. In our non-judgmental clinic, we provide the love of Christ and the medical facts about her consideration of abortion, coupled with the medical services she needs to make an informed decision. Every day at CHOICES we receive calls from women asking for an abortion. Our professional medical services give them a reason to make an appointment and begins to build the integrity needed to earn the right to be heard. YOUR partnership allows us to offer pregnancy testing and ultra sound as well as staff our clinic with RN nurses and RDMS ultrasound technicians.

Recently a married couple came directly from a late term abortion clinic. They said they did not like the atmosphere or the way they were treated. When they searched the internet, they found CHOICES’ great reviews and came looking for an abortion. “Emily” shared she had a miscarriage 5 yrs. ago and believed she could not get pregnant. She shared she did not receive the response from “David” she expected when she told him about her pregnancy. She said he believed abortion to be the answer.

“David” was very receptive and willing to join the consultation session with “Emily” where he could be educated about fetal development, chemical and surgical abortion and the potential risks. They both began to tear up as they were informed. Together they watched their 6-week-old baby on a screen during the ultra sound and it wasn’t long before smiles appeared.

They were both open to receive spiritual guidance and the Gospel was shared. “Emily” and “David” both started crying and we asked if they wanted to receive JESUS CHRIST as their LORD and Savior. They both said they did. We prayed, hugged and cried and they said they felt like they had a new start with life and each other!

YOUR gifts matter! I believe when we reach the mom (and dad) we reach the baby. What a beautiful testimony of 3 lives saved and an honor to refer them to one of our local churches to continue to walk along side of them in their new life. THANK YOU for your gift!

LIFE Matters,

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