December Newsletter

Dear Friends of Choices,

decemberThank you for your generous gift and helping us change lives. I am grateful for your partner-ship that has allowed us to impact 1,000 lives this year as we bring 2016 to a close and ring in the New Year! We are blessed with literally hundreds of stories to tell because many lives have been impacted, babies saved and hearts transformed.

This holiday season we had the blessing to provide 10 families we have ministered to this year with gifts for their families. Gifts they would not be able to provide. Gifts from Northwest Church who partnered with us to provide these gifts. And gifts to say thank you to women who made a courageous decision to choose LIFE.

The faces of choice and abortion look quite different than the first visit when they were faced with an unexpected pregnancy. And quite honestly, there is nothing better in life than holding a baby who would have been aborted with a smiling mommy who chose LIFE. Sometimes pictures really do say 1,000 words!

Through your support, we humbly enter into the lives of women and families, helping them consider LIFE and the unexpected blessings that come with an unexpected pregnancy.

december-2An unexpected pregnancy with a face, name, and destiny like Baby Jeremiah and Baby Bella.

CHOICES is in the business of unexpected blessings and the miracles that come from them. As you celebrate the true miracle of the season, may you be blessed for all you have given and all you have sacrificed. YOUR gift counts because the stories are real!





LIFE Matters,

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