July Ministry Story

Dear Friends of Choices,

Two young ladies “Angie” and “Sue” arrived at Orlando Women’s Center, late term abortion clinic. They were very angry that John Barros, sidewalk evangelist was there. “Sue” came out to talk with John while her friend was waiting inside for her abortion. After some Spirit-led conversation, she saw what she was participating in and ran in to get her friend “Angie”. A car pulled in with the “Sue’s” mother and “Angie’s” Aunt who had been looking for them. They went opened the door and “Sue” came out. God had turned her heart and she was trying to get “Angie” out.
The ladies came to John and with tears they all prayed. “Sue” kept trying to get “Angie” out. “Sue” came out and said she was going to have an abortion, “no matter what”. Through the fervent prayers, “Sue” brought “Angie” to Choices. Once they got to our clinic, “Angie” said she didn’t want counseling just an ultrasound because she was having an abortion. Through a loving staff, volunteers, and lots of prayers “Angie” agreed.

After counseling, an ultrasound and being loved well, she left. “Angie” and “Sue” met with their mom and aunt for lunch next door to the clinic. “Angie” told them she would be having this baby! A few minutes later the mother came over and said she didn’t know what we had said but “Angie” had changed her mind. A few minutes later “Angie” came back to our clinic and opened the door with a big smile, thanked us and said, “Guess what? I am going to be a mom!”

“Angie” had fallen away from the Lord and her family knew the power of prayer. Thank you to John Barros and YOU our faithful partner. Your investment as a stakeholder in saving lives and loving mothers in unplanned pregnancies is so appreciated and effective! What a beautiful experience to participate in this unfolding story with you.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: By mid-August we are to close on our new home at 1851 W Colonial Drive! We can’t wait to share all the details soon of the great things He has done!

LIFE Matters,

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