June Ministry Story

Dear Friends of Choices,

Jeremiah’s mommy “Jenny” was still in high school when she found out she was carrying him. She came to our clinic last November with her boyfriend, “Chad”. “Jenny” felt abortion was her best option. She feared her father would kick her out of the house and she had dreams of going into the military. Even though they were both scared, “Chad” was still happy about the baby and suggested “Jenny” could stay at his house if she got kicked out.

The couple was counseled on their options and had an initial sonogram. She was about 7 weeks along. They both received Jesus that day and committed to another appointment. “Jenny” said her mom found out about the pregnancy and didn’t speak to her for a couple of days, but had started to warm up to the idea.

A month later, “Jenny” and “Chad” returned and they were all smiles. They were excited to see their baby, who was much bigger and moving all around on the ultrasound screen. They were talking about their plans for prenatal care, and dreaming if they would be having a boy or a girl. Things had really turned around for them!

Jenny had kept in touch throughout the pregnancy and found out she was having a boy. She even graduated high school just 2 weeks before her due date. What an accomplishment!! We were excited to receive the call a few weeks ago to pray for “Jenny” when she was in labor. Before long we were at the hospital holding beautiful baby Jeremiah. We are so proud of them for choosing life for their precious son!

We could not do this without you and every dollar that you invest in saving and changing lives. Thank YOU for standing with us to value life of every woman and every child!

We currently have a pending contract on the building we spoke about last month which is 1 mile from Planned Parenthood and 2 miles from 2 late term abortion clinics. We are looking strong and hope to share some news soon! Thank you for your prayers and partnership.

LIFE Matters,

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