June 2019

When I think of your gift and your investment in CHOICES, I am overwhelmed with the daily impact you make! I wish you could look directly into the eyes of a mom who has chosen life and watch her hold her new baby. At that moment you are reminded of amazing grace and His plan for a hope and future. Regardless what it looked like when she first walked through our doors, she now can’t even imagine she was going to have an abortion.

Michelle had gone to the abortion clinic seeking an early abortion and they gave her the abortion pill. As instructed she took the first pill and took the remainder home in a bag with instructions on when and how to take them. Once home, she said she regretted taking the abortion pill and began to cry out to the Lord to save her baby.

A week later, sure God had answered her prayer, she returned to the abortion clinic where John Barros stands faithfully to share hope everyday. Having seen her before, he asked if she was okay. She said she was here for a check up. The clinic did an ultrasound and said her baby had no heartbeat. They offered to do a surgical abortion to make sure they had the remaining tissue. Michelle went outside to call her boyfriend and asked John, “Do you think they lie?” You know John’s answer and they hopped in the car to come to CHOICES. On the way Michelle cried and begged the Lord to save her baby.

When our sonographer did the ultrasound a beautiful baby with a strong heartbeat appeared. After some tears and a few calls, we were able to confirm that indeed the Lord had saved Michelle’s baby. On May 23rd this beautiful baby was born and two weeks later she walked through our doors to thank us. Now we are partnering with a local church to bless this mom in need with a baby shower to continue to show her how much we love her!
Can you see the true joy and peace in this mom’s face? May you know today, YOU are making a difference every…single…day at CHOICES! Together we can do what we do…offer hope and a future, receive each one He sends as a divine appointment, and watch and pray as the Lord unfolds the story. Thank you for your gifts of love and life!
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