May 2019

Every day the phone rings and everyday we hear, “How much are your abortions?” Everyday we see women and men seeking abortion and believing we can be the vehicle to get them those services. YOU offer hope, life and a new day to those who walk through our doors through your gifts.

You may wonder how your generosity continues to work beyong the decision a woman makes to chose LIFE for her self and her baby. “Rebecca” was one of those who made that call last year. She arrived believing we do abortions and through the professional and compassionate services and care she received, she made a courageous decision for LIFE!

In her thirties, alone and a first-time mom, she chose to attend LEGACY: Parenting Development. For 7 weeks she joined other women here at CHOICES as we provide dinner each week and topics relevant to moms-to-be. During these classes “Rebecca” experienced community and the love of the staff and guest speakers. At the conclusion she now felt safe enough to enroll in FLOURISH: Life Coaching program where she met with a trained volunteer weekly on-on-one. Rebecca began to explore her faith and making healthy decisions.

We decided to have a baby shower for Rebecca hosted at CHOICES by the women’s group at Church of the Cross. The outpouring of love and gifts from total strangers was just a glimpse of all the Lord was doing for the givers and the receiver. By the end of the shower the women were trading phone numbers. Not long after she attended a MOPS Group they invited her to and even to church.

Thank YOU for being a part of allowing us to love as Jesus would love and demonstrate our love to them in a variety of ways! Our greatest desire is for them to see Jesus in all we do and consider the unconditional redemption and eternal life offered by knowing Him personally as Savior. The Lord writes the story and we all get to be a part of it! If your church group would like to host a baby shower for a mom who chose LIFE, let me know. Thank you for your gifts of love and life!

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  • UCF: we are still actively looking and were recently denied a 3rd lease. PLEASE PRAY for the Lord’s perfect location.
    Women in Leadership LIFE Lunch
    June 20th, CHOICES – Call For Details

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