July 2019

Often times it is difficult to explain all that goes on at CHOICES in a given week and even more so to communicate how impactful your investment is to us! Trust me when I say, YOUR gift is changing and saving lives.

A mother was with her 20-year-old daughter at OWC late-term abortion clinic. They were so adamant about their decision and did not want to talk with John who stands outside that clinic. After coming in and out and yelling at him all day they chose to come to CHOICES. Here they were loved, they were treated with dignity, and here they chose life for their baby!

An 18-year-old had her abortion scheduled but was attracted by our services to confirm her pregnancy was viable through ultrasound. When she saw her baby on ultrasound and began to cry, acknowledging this was her baby. She canceled her abortion scheduled for the next day with Planned Parenthood and has chosen life!

A 24-year-old was enlisting in the army and could not enlist pregnant. Her boyfriend wanted her to have an abortion so they came to CHOICES. Together they realized they could indeed make a different choice…a choice to give life to their baby and they did.

A 19-year-old student did not want anyone to know she was pregnant and came seeking abortion. Her boyfriend wanted her to abort. She came back for a second ultrasound and in spite of all the pressure to abort she bravely chose life for her unborn child.

A 30-year-old arrived wanting an abortion and her pregnancy test was negative. She prayed to receive Christ and said, “Please tell me how I can do that. I want that for my life.”

A 26-year-old came for two ultrasounds and chose abortion. A week later she returned shattered, broken and needing to talk to us.

You are a part of happy endings of every given week! We also know there were many others who passed through our doors that are still deciding and some that have chosen to have an abortion. We know that the Lord is writing the story for each and there are no mistakes with each one walking through our doors.

Together we celebrate the victories, together we contend for those still making their decisions, and together we weep with those who weep! Thank you that together, we offer healthy choices through respect, dignity, and the power of the Holy Spirit in every given week.

Until there are 0…


  • Dinner Table Host Receptions August 21 & 22
  • HOLD THE DATE • October 17, 2019
    Benefit Dinner • Celebrating 35 Years
  • PRAY for UCF location…in the works!

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