June 2020

As we grapple with humanity like never before during these uncertain times, we choose to be faith-filled. June has been a record month for CHOICES to offer the hope of Jesus and see the power of the cross. Changed hearts and babies saved through the details of people’s lives don’t go unmissed by the Father. The power of YOUR support is saving lives!

“Ariana” lives nearly 2 hours from Orlando. A single mom with a 10-year-old, no family in the country, a recent break up with her boyfriend, and feeling alone Ariana knew she needed to have an abortion. She googled abortion clinics and found Orlando Women’s Center (a late-term clinic 3 miles from CHOICES). When she got to the abortion clinic, she met some volunteers who faithfully spoke truth to her. Ariana responded by taking their referral to come to CHOICES but made it known when she arrived that she would be returning to the abortion clinic for her appointment in 2 hours to have her abortion.

She had recently enrolled in a trade school where she became good friends with another student. “Catherine” had recently become a Christian and had been sharing with Ariana about her newfound faith. When our advocate began to share Jesus with her and about her decision years ago to choose life, Ariana began to cry. She shared that this was exactly what her friend had shared with her; that she could believe the love of God and He would take care of her and her baby. After the ultrasound and prayer, she chose LIFE! Ariana said, “I have felt so much peace here. I am so thankful I came here.”

On her way out of town, she even stopped back by the abortion clinic to share pictures of her ultrasound. We have connected her to a faith community in her area and other resources for follow up. We trust the seeds that you have planted will continue to flourish. We trust His good work to continue to be in the details of Ariana’s life.

Thank YOU for your faithfulness in giving for such a time as this! Thanks for being in the details of Ariana’s life and the other 174 patients who walked through our doors considering abortion this month. In this world, we will have trials but we take heart every day for He has overcome the world. Together we are participants in His Kingdom work in saving lives!



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