June 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Choices,

June 2017 PictureLet’s get excited! I don’t think excited is a big enough word! This month we got to meet “Jeremiah”, a baby saved from abortion, and additionally reconnect with a mother whose soul was spared the tragedy of ending her son’s life. You are making a difference and changing our city. Thank you for financially partnering with us!

Eight months ago, “Aaliyah” showed up at Orlando Women’s Center, the busiest late term abortion clinic in the area. She encountered our friend John Barros, sidewalk evangelist. She shared that she went to OWC because “she wanted her baby out”. She also said, “nothing on earth was going to change her mind”. “Aaliyah” rushed past John and went inside. Once inside the clinic, she found others saying the same thing. She wanted to get the abortion done quickly.

Then when John began to preach a sermon in front of the clinic something changed. She said that during the preaching she went from a hard heart of “wanting to get it over with” to “I’ve got to get out of here”. “Aaliyah” ran out of the clinic, took the information from John and came to CHOICES.
At CHOICES “Aaliyah” found someone who listened and heard her concerns about how was she was going to be able to tell “Jeremiah’s” dad that she wasn’t going to have an abortion. At CHOICES she saw her baby on ultrasound and confirmed her heart’s decision to choose life!

Because of your generous support we are able to be here for women like “Aaliyah” and babies like “Jeremiah” who now are the apple of their parents eyes! We were able to help supply some clothing and assistance and enjoy the greatest gift of all…holding “Jeremiah”. We are so grateful for your gift to save lives!

THANK YOU for investing in the cause for LIFE!

LIFE Matters,


  • Received Certificate of Occupancy 6-22
  • Opened for patients in our new clinic 7-6
    TUESDAY, JULY 11th
    Ribbon Cutting 4:30 pm
    Open House 5:00 to 7:00 pm

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