July 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Choices,

July 2017 PictureThis has been an unprecedented month for us as we opened our doors to our new clinic on July 6th. THANK YOU for your support that has brought this vision to a reality. We have seen over 70 women this month with the majority of them seeking abortions.

“Amy” found us through a search for a clinic. She had previously had an abortion and had 2 children at home. “Amy” was nervous and scared as she waited for her test results, believing her only option was abortion. Although her experience with her previous abortion was painful, she could not imagine how she would emotionally handle another baby. “Amy” had past issues of abuse and self-destructive behavior as well as struggling with emotional issues.

Through YOUR generous support she was able to meet with a nurse and we were able to offer her an ultrasound at no charge. “Amy” was shocked at the development of her baby and immediately connected with this new life growing inside of her. She made a choice for life!

“Amy” felt she was valued, loved not judged and treated with the dignity she deserves. Our beautiful new clinic is one way we accomplish this. The staff and volunteers guided by the Holy Spirit are the ones that make this a reality!

YOUR financial support allows us to provide quality services and the hope of Christ to all who walk through our doors. We are grateful for the opportunities and the resources available so we can offer all we have to love well and meet the needs of patients like “Amy”. Now we need to help her live out her decision through on-going care and prayer.

We are seeing what we have worked towards: reaching a greater number of women like “Amy”, who are considering abortion, in this new strategic location. Please continue to pray for the resources to meet the needs. We are in real need of volunteers and would appreciate your help to prayerfully consider the opportunity and to spread the word.

THANK YOU for coming alongside CHOICES to change
this city and say yes to LIFE!

THANK YOU for investing in the cause for LIFE!

LIFE Matters,


    August 22 or August 24, 6-7:15 pm
    Hyatt Regency with Featured Speaker
    RYAN BOMBERGER of the Radiance Foundation

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