November 2019

As we have wrapped up Thanksgiving and launch into Christmas festivities, we hope you will pause for a moment. A moment to enjoy the tremendous investment you have made in transforming hearts and saving lives at CHOICES! Your gift provides every resource we offer and it results in saved lives.

“Becky” and “David” found us on Google and arrived determined to abort their baby. The ultrasound that day was early and, although impressed with a heartbeat and appreciative of our services, they left with the same decision: abortion. We also offer abortion-minded women an STD test, since this increases the health risk to having a surgical abortion. Becky also received this free service at her visit. The results came back positive and we tried many times to reach her with the news. Finally, after exhausting all contact options, we sent her a certified letter and closed the file – CANNOT CONTACT. The next day she called us and came in for her test results.

A few days after that, Becky called us to make another appointment. When she and David came for the appointment, she said they were still going to have an abortion. Our nurse said, “since you’re here, would you like another ultrasound?” They agreed and, at nine weeks, their little one was moving and shaking and even gave them a little wave. Both Becky and David were laughing and smiling at their baby. With tears in her eyes, Becky said, “This changes everything”. David asked for extra copies of the ultrasound pictures so they could share the news with their parents.

What a reminder that God never gives up on His divine appointments made at CHOICES! We do our part, but better than that, He does His! We are so thankful for you because lives like Becky and David can be spared the devastation of abortion. We are thankful for a dream team staff and volunteers who go the extra mile and are ready to serve in season and out. And we are incredibly blessed by a Father who goes before us and never, ever, ever gives up on us.

I believe Becky and David will remember this day all the days of their lives. And our Father will bless you for blessing CHOICES so together we can trust His faithfulness!

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