October 2019

Thank you for your gift of life! Thank you for saving babies and transforming lives every day single day with us at CHOICES. Sometimes the story may hit close to home because the issue of unplanned pregnancy is one, we can all relate to, we all have experienced ourselves or know someone personally who has.Recently we received a call from a supporter of CHOICES. She asked to make an appointment for her son’s girlfriend. She stated that the relationship between she and her husband and their son had been strained and distant. “David” had contacted them to let them know his girlfriend was pregnant. “Angela” had been calling clinics inquiring about abortion procedures and prices. David’s mom told him about Choices Women’s Clinic and offered to call to schedule an appointment for them to come here before they made a decision

A few days later, David, his mom and Angela arrived for the appointment. Angela met with one of our dedicated volunteer advocates. When the pregnancy had been confirmed by our medical staff, David was invited back to witness the ultrasound along with Angela.

David’s mom shared he was hoping he and Cassie would get married and begin their family with this child, but that her family was pressuring her to abort. Angela also felt certain David’s parents would probably judge her and not accept her. David told his parents that he wanted to propose to Cassie, and they helped him purchase an engagement ring. This generosity and willingness to help with the appointment at CHOICES softened David’s heart toward them, and began to show Angela they could accept and love her.

David had walked away from the Lord when he separated from the family and Angela had no faith background or relationship with Christ. During the appointment, our volunteer presented the Good News of the Gospel, and Angela prayed to receive Christ as her Savior. The ultrasound confirmed life to them and David and Angela chose life! God restored family relationships and began something new that day!

Thank you for your investment in restoring relationships and saving lives here on earth and into eternity. Lives and stories that are real that we can all relate to by the grace of God!

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Phase 1 of the UCF CAMPAIGN Achieved

We will close on the property 1 mile from the campus in December


2020 UCF CAMPAIGN Phase 2

Raise 1 Million to Build the Clinic

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