November 2020

Thank you for your priceless gift, the gift that saves a life. The gift that allows a mom and a dad to have real choices, based on truth, to make a decision they will never regret. The gift that allows us to share Jesus and see the results of His grace every single day.

“Allison” didn’t know whether we offered abortions. She had just left the abortion clinic because she said that it felt unsafe to her. She took the postcard referral from John, who faithfully ministers outside the clinic, and she came to CHOICES. We explained our pre-termination screening, and she agreed to stay for the appointment.

Through many tears, Allison described her difficult upbringing and told us about her only close family member’s death by suicide. She shared about her bisexual lifestyle and the new relationship with the father of the baby. The father wanted to make a commitment to her and have this child. She was not open to talking about adoption. She was not open to the Gospel, but she did allow our staff to pray with her.

Allison was loved and not judged at CHOICES. She saw her baby on ultrasound. Her tears were embraced, and at the end of her appointment, Allison hugged the staff and thanked them. Still unsure of what she should do, Allison agreed to return two weeks later for another ultrasound, and she chose life for her baby and had committed to a relationship with the father!

Recently Allison dropped by for some new baby items from our boutique, and once again, we were able to share the love and hope of Jesus with her! She hugged us and thanked us for her beautiful gift. That is what you do when you give to CHOICES. You invest in the most beautiful gift of LIFE…like this one…of many this year!
CHOICES allows you and me to lay down our own opinions, and in their place, ask for the Lord’s heart to see things the way He sees them. With the airwaves clogged with a cacophony of human opinion, we have an invitation where the vision is clear, and the air is free through the gift of His grace.

Thank you for loving Allison, her beautiful perfect son, and the father of her baby. For we know in part, but He knows in full. Therefore, won’t heaven be a glorious place?

Until there are….

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