November 2023

Holidays can be hard! It’s a season that so easily reminds us where there’s simply not enough. Daylight. Time. Capital. Patience. It’s different for each of us and in the middle of the margin, God writes a beautiful story from the life that YOU fashioned.

One doesn’t expect to be pregnant at age 36 with 3 children ages 17 to 8. One also doesn’t expect their husband to have had a stint with the law and be incarcerated for the next year. Although “Lisa’s” children had been begging for a brother or sister, this was a no for her. In her desperation, she accepted a package of abortion pills that a friend had ordered online.

In Lisa’s timidity to take the medication, she reached out to CHOICES for instructions on how to take the pills and do her at-home, self-induced abortion. Our receptionist was able to transfer her to our nurse for an immediate telehealth appointment. After educating Lisa about the viability of her pregnancy, she chose to come in the very next day, with the pills in her hand.

On her visit, Lisa described her dire circumstances and all the reasons she needed to have an abortion. She also shared that she was a Christian who attends church and that she felt uneasy about this decision although it was her Plan A. During the ultrasound, she was shocked to find out her baby was 11 weeks but was not surprised to see a baby. Lisa quietly cried as she shared that her children had been asking for a sibling in her anguish of her situation. With her husband in prison, she felt like it made no sense to move forward with her pregnancy.

The counsel that compassionately formed in the advocate’s heart and delivered with humility was, “Choosing to not have your child due to the circumstances you are in would not be this baby’s fault. This will ruin you.” At that moment, Lisa knew she needed to make a new plan to carry her baby. Lisa handed the package of abortion pills to our nurse and said, “I won’t be needing these.”

Thank you for offering the providential plan God was designing. Thank you for reaching women and men in the middle of the holiday, in the middle of the unexpected, and in the middle of the lies. At that final moment, you changed the story just before Lisa regretfully administered pills that would take her baby’s life. Let’s add this to our holiday celebration!

Until there are 0…

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