October 2023

I am so thankful God continues to write my story. How about you? You help change narratives and outcomes at CHOICES. And there is no price tag because that, my friend, is priceless.

19-year-old “Paige,” an ambitious college student working two jobs, was looking for an abortion when her friend referred her to CHOICES. She said her friend had come to CHOICES, then followed through with her abortion, and has struggled with regret ever since. When she met with her nurse, she quickly burst into tears, sharing that she believed in God and trusted Him to provide for her and her baby though she was gripped with fear.

She admitted that she was having a hard time keeping this secret from her mom, who is her best friend, and that once they talk, she will feel better. Her nurse said, “Paige, I think you already know. He isn’t punishing you; He’s giving you a gift, and He chose you to be this child’s mom. That’s His decision. I do understand that might take some time and prayer for you to see.” Her nurse encouraged her to surrender her fears to Him and trust Him. That night, Paige went to church and began the hard work of laying down her fear.

Paige told her mom the next day, and, like her friend, Paige’s mom was very supportive. Her mom encouraged her to trust God in the midst of her fear. 2 weeks later, Paige returned for another ultrasound with her friend and former CHOICES patient, and her mom.

On visit number two, her friend shared how she had made a “snap decision” because others were pressuring her. She was very vulnerable about how much she regrets her decision and how she doesn’t want that for Paige. They shared some tender moments of hope, and her nurse shared with the friend about our abortion recovery program, letting her know that she could find healing from those hurts in a safe place with Jesus as the center. Paige was still afraid.

Then, on visit number 3 with her mom, Paige recorded the heartbeat and announced, “I am having my baby!” Paige said, “I knew in my heart it was the right decision to have my baby. Outside opinions and influences of friends, family, and my boyfriend began to weigh on me. I am so thankful I came to CHOICES. You have helped me through several tough weeks of pregnancy and uncertainty.

Thank you for this priceless treasure. Thank you for your gift to Paige, to her friend, to her mom, to her boyfriend, and this world. It is no small thing ever! Thank you for changing the narrative. That, my friend, is priceless.

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