September 2018

Thank you for your generous gift empowering moms and dads to choose LIFE and spare them the tragedy of abortion. We could not do it without you and want you to know that every dollar counts!
Recently a mom called for her 16-year-old daughter asking to schedule an abortion. She said she had an abortion scheduled for the next day. We were able to share with her services that we DO provide like a pre-termination screening and she made an appointment.

“Nancy” and her daughter “Lilla” arrived for their appointment a few hours later. They completed the paperwork and asked our receptionist how we do what we do because our clinic is so beautiful. Lilla and her mom were surprised when they saw the 8-week baby on ultrasound and heard the heartbeat. They were still certain the best decision was abortion to fulfill her dream of becoming a Dr. and complete her honor classes.

The following day they arrived for their appointment at the clinic. After five minutes of experiencing the environment, Lilla said she left and just couldn’t go through with it. Nancy said all she felt was pressure. Lilla said it did not feel safe and she could not stop thinking about what she saw on the screen when she had the ultrasound at CHOICES: a baby with a heartbeat.

We saw Lilla and Nancy one week later for a follow up appointment. Nancy was crying and thanking us for what we do. They thanked us for the beautiful clinic we have and the professionals who provide services and information to help make heathy choices. She commented several times about the difference between being here and what it was like at the abortion clinic. Lilla could not forget the words of our nurse here at CHOICES that reminded her she could leave the clinic at any time if she did not feel safe.

Thank you for your support allowing us to provide a safe place. Thank you we are able to offer men and women the best and show them the respect and dignity they deserve. Thank you we are able to staff our clinic with professionals and a medical team to educate and inform. Thank you we are able to provide resources free of charge like ultrasound that make a difference!

Until there are 0…

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