September, 2022

Sometimes the minor details surprise me! I don’t take for granted that not only is the Lord in the details, but you are too. Thank YOU for your investment in changing lives, changing the outcome from death to life for those who walk through our doors.

“Rachel” walked through our doors hard and guarded. You know the type – an attitude no one can reason with, and her mind already made up that she was having an abortion. She shared that, two weeks prior, she had been sexually assaulted by her now ex-boyfriend. She continued to say the following heart-wrenching statements:

“No one Cares. No one can do anything. It doesn’t matter. I’m okay.”

The reality is she wasn’t okay. And under her hard exterior and the devastating statements she was speaking was a woman who was alone, broken, and divinely sent to CHOICES thinking she was going to have an abortion.

After the ultrasound didn’t seem to move her heart, an appointment was made to meet with our Case Manager. Despite her decision to abort and her hard heart, she felt safe, heard, and returned for her appointment. After our Case Manager met with her and began to work through the layers of pain and the genuine obstacles in her way, her heart began to soften, and she began to let down her wall of hurt.

A few weeks later, Rachel returned to meet with her Case Manager again to work on employment opportunities in our community. Rachel had started making some life choices to overcome her tragic situation and she CHOSE LIFE! Another ultrasound confirmed that her due date was her very own birthday. No mistake because we know who is in the details!

Rachel had a choice, and it was no mistake she came to CHOICES. You also have a choice to invest in significant ways where lives are saved and hope happens. The Gospel is at work in this place! When we cannot see a way out, we see a way through and trust that HE is in all the details for each one He sends to Choices Women’s Clinic. Thank you for being a true champion of life!

Until there are 0…

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