May, 2022

Your gift to CHOICES is bearing fruit! And each mom and dad who has the opportunity to encounter God tangibly is a victory. Every day we are reminded of man’s plans vs. God’s plans. “The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

“Melissa” had taken several pregnancy tests at home. In disbelief, she called CHOICES to make an appointment, believing she could get the abortion pill here and get over the unplanned crisis in her life. When Melissa arrived to confirm her test, she said she was “freaked out” about being pregnant and told us she would carry if she was further along than six weeks, but if not, she wanted the abortion pill. Her boyfriend in North Carolina offered to support her in either decision.

Melissa shared with the nurse that she had taken the “Plan B” pill after having sex for extra precaution during her medical intake. She also shared that she believes in God and prays when she gets desperate. Our volunteer advocate sensed the Holy Spirit was prompting her to share the Gospel and assure her what she knew in her mind as truth could be truth to live out in her heart and life forever. That day, Melissa bowed her head and prayed to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior, accepting the only One who can help us in our desperation!

And how about God showing up? The ultrasound showed that her baby was 6 weeks AND 4 days old! It also showed not one but 2 babies-Twins! In shock, Nicole stated that although parenting will be challenging right now, she was choosing life for her preborn babies. Today, Melissa and her boyfriend are making plans for a future together as she begins to grow in her faith.


Although Melissa did take the Plan B pill, God’s plan A allowed her to find CHOICES, see the life of her babies on ultrasound, and meet Jesus in a personal and life-changing way. Her plan vs. God’s plan is evident as He establishes her steps. And all of this is the fruit of YOUR faithfulness to CHOICES. Thank you for allowing women and men to encounter Jesus profoundly!

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