October, 2022

One of my favorite things to say since coming to CHOICES 9 years ago is, “you just can’t make this stuff up.” When you invest in life, LIFE literally happens. Through your partnership as a Champion, we see the hand of God move in ways we cannot explain.

“Amber” walked through our doors as a mom of the pre-born baby she was carrying, plus three more at home. She and her husband were desperate to have an abortion as they already couldn’t make ends meet before this unplanned pregnancy. They scheduled their abortion not once, not twice, but three times!

On the way to Tampa for abortion number one, they got delayed in traffic because of an accident. When they called Planned Parenthood due to the delay, they told them not to bother coming because they wouldn’t be able to fit them in. The second attempt was during hurricane Ian, which was canceled due to weather. And then, the abortion clinic canceled their third appointment due to a scheduling conflict.

Frustrated, Amber found us on Google and was thrilled when we could make an appointment for her that same day. Assuming she would finally have her abortion, she was shocked to realize that was not what happened when she arrived. During her appointment, the nurse asked Amber about her faith. She said she was a Christian but had grown distant from the Lord. With compassion, the nurse asked if she had prayed about her situation. With tears in her eyes, she broke down and honestly answered, “No.”

During the ultrasound, she laid eyes on her very developed baby. The baby, making a show of it, had its’ hand folded like it was praying! While she initially thought she was ten weeks pregnant, to her surprise, she was 15 weeks to the day, meaning that abortion would no longer be a legal option for her in Florida. It didn’t take long for Amber to see God’s divine plan! Her volunteer advocate had a sweet time of prayer with Amber, where she decided to rededicate her life to Christ. Now we get to continue praying and connect her to the Church by throwing her a baby shower and blessing them with our parenting development classes.

Your generosity is a treasure that allows the Lord to work in the unexplainable and impossible every day to save and transform lives at CHOICES!

Until there are 0…

100 Days to $500,000

We have put a contract on a 3rd clinic in Kissimmee a half-mile from Planned Parenthood.

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