April 2018 Newsletter

Thank YOU for your investment in the surprises of life! I remember when I started in the pregnancy center ministry 31 years ago a profound statement a trainer shared before we opened a center in Ft. Lauderdale. “You will never have two situations alike but never act surprised.” I can say after 31 years I still get surprised!

Since moving into our new clinic near 3 late-term abortion clinics, we are reaching what I call “the real world” – from those being trafficked to a lesbian couple who came in recently determined to abort. We have an opportunity to be “the church” and I am so thankful for your support.

“Karen” arrived at our clinic, and at 36 years old, was not the average age of a woman considering abortion. She called us looking for an abortion provider. She liked that we could offer her an ultrasound to see if her pregnancy was viable and a consultation with a nurse to talk through the abortion procedure she wanted to receive.

“Karen” had two children,and her youngest was 15. She felt like she could not possibly have another child and start over at her age. “Karen” was determined this was her decision – even to the point that she was not going to tell her husband because he would be thrilled to have this baby.

Our Lead Nurse Kelly was very intentional to spend time with Karen talking about her situation and hearing her heart, giving her a safe place to be heard. When she left that day, we intentionally prayed, believing there is only one thing that can truly change the heart and mind of a man or woman seeking abortion, and that is Jesus.

Recently, “Karen” came back for an ultrasound at 9 weeks of pregnancy. She said, “You have no idea how the conversation we had made me rethink my decision and position!” She shared the pregnancy news with her husband and through the grace of God, Karen’s heart was changed. So much so that when she came back she looked entirely different…smiling from ear to ear!


We now have a new friend in Christ! Through your gifts we are able to continue to reach out, encourage and provide the support needed to say YES to life and YES to Jesus! THANK YOU!

Until there are 0…


History was made April 28th at $146,000…and counting!

Join us on MAY 11th from 10 to 11:30 for our VOLUNTEER PREVIEW…come take a tour and consider volunteering!

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