March 2018 Newsletter

I am reminded daily how the work we do is different than many pregnancy centers across America. We are actually reaching a much higher number of women seeking abortion, with 45% determined to have an abortion and an additional 50% at risk for abortion this month. Thank YOU for your faithfulness in giving. Lives are being saved!
“Kathy”, a freshman in college, found herself in an unplanned pregnancy and at the abortion clinic. She was nearly 25 weeks pregnant and her mom was adamant that if she did not have an abortion she could no longer live at home. Kathy was not convinced this was a decision she could make and she willingly came to CHOICES with John Barros, who faithfully talks with women going into this late-term clinic. However, the phone calls from her mother led her to walk out for fear of the repercussions.

A few days later she was back at the abortion clinic and was given an ultrasound picture of her baby that showed little to nothing, copied here. Kathy knew at that point she could not abort her baby and believed the Lord had a plan for her baby. She arrived at CHOICES and our nurse did an ultrasound with our state of the art equipment that showed every detail of this beautiful baby girl.

It was that day that 2 lives were literally saved! Kathy had alarming health symptoms and was taken directly to the ER where they admitted her. After trying to regulate eclampsia, a threatening pregnancy condition, her baby was taken by C-section the following day at 25 weeks, weighing 1 lb. 5 oz.

We have been able to walk alongside Kathy and provide encouragement, prayer,and visits to the hospital. Please continue to pray for this mom who is in school, working, and visiting her baby as she continues to grow and thrive in NICU.


I struggle to know how to adequately thank you for saving lives! I hope you know how valuable your gifts to CHOICES are and the LIFE-SAVINGdifference we are making together!

Until there are 0…

APRIL 28, 2018 Blue Jacket Park
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