May 2018 Newsletter

I love what Ryan Bomberger says: “Sometimes the best things in life are unplanned”. Every day we experience the decisions of moms and dads grappling with unplanned children. Every day your generous support allows us to reach and restore that which would have been lost through the devastating decision of abortion.

“Shirley”, a mom in her thirties, drove from northern Florida to OWC to have a late-term abortion because they were not available in her city. Little did she know she would have a divine encounter with John Barros, who stands faithfully in front of that clinic.Shirley had a scheduled abortion because her husband of one year was physically and emotionally abusive and she decided she could not have this child.Her father sent her with the money for a 23-week abortion. She felt drawn to John and his care for her. After an ultrasound which showed little to no picture, she asked for a refund and then came to Choices.

As we talked with “Shirley” about her choices, her heart began to soften even more towards the decisions she would need to make for a healthier life. Little did she or us know that when we did the ultrasound there would be TWO babies instead of one. Shirley was shocked and began to sob. She continued to say over and over, “Look what I would have done. Thank you so much!”

She was so thankful the Lord brought her here and used John to be a voice to make it happen. A divine encounter never to be forgotten. We are staying in touch. “Shirley” is getting the help she needs and will soon deliver her beautiful babies!

Your gift will allow Shirley to live out that“the BEST things in life are often unplanned”! THANK YOU for being a part of God’s bigger plan through your giving and constant prayers.

Until there are 0…

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