April, 2023

Seeing two pink lines on a pregnancy test can evoke a wide range of emotions—delight for some and devastation for others. All the “what ifs” can turn into a long list of fears, and at CHOICES, we work every day to trade those fears for changed minds and lives saved. Your support never goes unseen by our Father. He sees you, and, in His power, He uses YOU to save lives!

“Ivanna” found CHOICES on her phone after making an appointment to have an abortion. Because of the increase in abortions in Florida, she was unable to book an appointment for another two weeks. Ivanna was nervous about waiting, so she kept searching. Believing we could help her sooner, she came to CHOICES. She began talking and broke down, giving way to a torrent of tears and a long list of fears. Her five-year plan didn’t include a baby. Sure, she wanted one in the future, but not now! She was insecure about how her boyfriend of two years would take the news. Was he ready to be a father?

She allowed her advocate to share the Gospel with her and gladly accepted prayer.  She shared that she’d been baptized before and believed that “there’s a God somewhere”. Ivanna was thankful for the prayer, and as she hugged her advocate, she was encouraged to lay the heaviness of her burden at the feet of Jesus. Although Ivanna was too early to scan that day, she scheduled an appointment to return for an ultrasound the following week. She left feeling like she had time to think through all her options and wanted to ensure the pregnancy was viable before making her final decision.

Ivanna returned for the ultrasound the following week with her boyfriend, “Ian,” and then the next week for a second scan. Each time the couple asked questions and wanted pictures. Ivanna also shared that her brother told her about a random dream he had about her and a little boy with brown hair! On their third ultrasound, she announced they were getting married and had finally shared the news with their ecstatic parents. Then, on the fourth visit, she proudly displayed her wedding ring as a married momma-to-be!

Thank YOU for investing and helping rewrite this couple’s list of fears into a list of possibilities! A beautiful boy will be born this fall, and that long list of fears will become a distant memory. Ivanna and Ian plan to attend our LEGACY Parenting Development classes this summer, where you will continue to display His grace and provision to them. THANK YOU for your gift that creates the opportunity for God to do His sacred work in every searching soul He brings to CHOICES.

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