March, 2023

Ever have a moment when life doesn’t make sense? When circumstances overwhelm, leaving you desperate and devastated? That is often what a mom and dad face when considering whether or not to abort their baby. And that is why your partnership changes everything!

“Ellen” found CHOICES on her phone when seeking an abortion. She had lost her job and, as a mom of a five-year-old, she knew there was no way she could have another child. She refused the adoption material and tearfully shared that the baby’s father had left her. She said that with no family or support, she couldn’t have this child. But, then, when her ultrasound revealed a beautiful 11-week-old, Ellen began to smile, ask questions, and consider all her options.

Ellen was very tender-hearted and admitted that she had no idea why Jesus came to earth, but she knew she needed a relationship with Him. More tears flowed as she prayed with her advocate and decided to trust in Christ personally. That day, a very different future began to take shape. Although her circumstances were still just as desperate and overwhelming, something changed inside of Ellen, and her desperation was replaced with possibility.

Like many patients that we see, her past was filled with trauma. Ellen decided to meet with our Case Worker, and together they explored housing, resources, and long-term solutions. CHOICES, and one of our partner churches, helped provide short-term housing, a birthday dinner for her daughter, and groceries while Ellen worked hard to obtain more sustainable support. This process helped Ellen determine her best option, which looked like moving out of state to be near her brother.

In February, an overjoyed Ellen called us to announce “Alayna’s” birth. Her big sister loves ‘her baby,’ and Ellen can’t imagine life without her or her newfound faith. “God is the one who got me here. God is talking to me, and every time I ask Him to point me in the right direction, He does! I am so grateful for CHOICES! Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for believing in me.”

Thank YOU for your gift that directly impacted Ellen. Your partnership, faithfulness, and prayers offer hope when circumstances overwhelm and devastation and desperation settle in. And thank you for all the ways you continue to impact the Kingdom as you connect with God’s work. Together, we are so blessed to watch our Father, ever so tenderly, create HIS beauty of LIFE!

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