December, 2021

While the world continued to search for hope in 2021, you GAVE the gift of hope to hundreds of babies who were able to experience their FIRST…Christmas, New Year, and soon 1st Birthday. Your hope extends to moms, dads, and families who can’t imagine life without their babies! YOUR generosity altered the outcome for 1,244 lives saved and countless hearts transformed in 2021!

Krystian, born May 2

Iyanna, born June 21

Eva Marina, born May 16

Loanna, born June 2

What does every one of these pictures share? It’s YOU…because God used YOU to save these lives. Each of these moms was considering ending the life of her child. Each one was at an abortion clinic or pursuing one when they found CHOICES and made the BEST choice! Krystian’s mom was abandoned by her boyfriend, who said, “No way.” Iyanna’s mom was a recent college graduate ready to build her career. Eva’s parents were newlyweds with no insurance. And Laonna’s mom and dad did not have the financial means for another baby.

Thanks to you, each one of these families experienced a divine appointment at CHOICES. Each one said YES to life and these FIRSTS for their baby. We humbly participate as the Holy Spirit transforms a persons’ heart. When it comes to LIFE, our Father uses these two beautiful clinics, staff, volunteers, and YOU to give hope to the hopeless. Here is a small glimpse into the lives you have invested in this year: Of the 1,906 new patients, 72% chose LIFE, and 87 chose new life in Christ!

We are thankful for YOUR incredible investment in these FIRSTS and God’s plan for hope, and a future, for each child, mom, dad, and family. Thank you for faithfully giving to meet the year-end matching gift challenge of $125,000. We are prepared to reach more, save more, and expand our health services to achieve more in 2022. Thank YOU, and a very blessed NEW Year to you!

Until there are 0…


YEAR END MATCHING CHALLENGE WAS MET $250,000 to Change Lives in 2022

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