November, 2021

Your gift to CHOICES saves lives, gives hope, and waters seeds of faith to over 1,000 women this year seeking an abortion. With your partnership, we reach the lost, the least, and the last, sharing the love of Christ, who has the power to redirect a person’s life radically.

“Amber,” a mother of four and a grandmother of two, was beyond shocked when she found out she was pregnant. Her thoughts were, ‘NO WAY…how can I possibly have a baby when my babies are having babies?’ Coupled with the fact she had been very sick with the pregnancy and hospitalized twice, she was having a hard time seeing her way through. At that point, she was seriously considering terminating the life of her preborn baby.

Amber told her nurse that she had a faith background and gave her permission to share the Gospel and her testimony of God’s amazing grace. She eagerly listened to every word, and with fresh tears, validated she believed it and always has. After seeing her 8-week-old baby on the ultrasound, Amber stated that God has a plan for all things, and for that reason, she didn’t think she could abort this child. Indeed, He does, and Amber chose LIFE!

We recently had a family from one of our supporting churches “adopt” Amber’s family to bless with Christmas gifts. Additionally, we provided a photoshoot with one of our volunteer photographers. She was extremely grateful for what she called a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to get a picture of her whole family. She shared that last year, after she chose life, she had Covid and was hospitalized over Christmas and spent it alone and scared.

Amber gave us lots of hugs and said, “Thank you so much for everything you have done! It is just a blessing to wake up to my children every day since last Christmas I was in the hospital, pregnant and with Covid. Now we will celebrate not only your special gifts but the birth of Jesus and our new little angel.”

We are incredibly grateful for you bringing the hope of Jesus to every mom that walks through our doors, knowing she is the one He would leave the 99 to pursue.

Until there are 0…



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