June, 2022

What a time to celebrate and rally around CHOICES! Thank YOU for your faithful support in standing with us as “we were created for such a time as this.” Who knew we would live to see the landmark decision of ROE GO? Truly, a reason to celebrate (abortion regulation now goes back to each state) and a reason to show up (in FL, abortion is still legal through 6 months of pregnancy) and do what we have always done, thanks to YOU.

What does this look like at CHOICES? The first week post Roe looked like this…

One woman and her husband, considering abortion, said they could not possibly have another child. They saw their baby on ultrasound and made an appointment to come back for another ultrasound, leaving undecided.

One woman’s test was negative, and she was so relieved. She heard the Gospel, prayed to receive Christ as Savior, and cried when we gave her a Bible.

We are still ministering to one woman after she placed her baby for adoption two weeks ago. I wish I could share ALL the ways YOU loved this mom through her challenging time.

One woman had several prior abortions and couldn’t get into the abortion clinic for three weeks, so thought we could do the procedure. She saw not one baby but two on the ultrasound. She left, seemingly still determined to have an abortion.

And you may have remembered “Simone,” who I shared about in March. Desperate to abort, alone with no support, job difficulties, transportation issues, broken relationships, and hopelessness were just a few reasons she listed to abort her baby. When she arrived at CHOICES, she was unquestionably sad. After her medical consultation and ultrasound, the smile began returning, and she chose LIFE. Simone found community at CHOICES, one of our churches gave her a baby shower, and we helped pay her rent in between jobs. This week this beautiful bundle of joy was born. This mom could not be more thankful for you, and let me echo that!


Thank you for your investment in CHOICES, in moms and dads in desperate need of hope, in moving forward, for we are indeed created for such a time as this. The days ahead may look chaotic and controversial, but we will remain steadfast, loving LIFE, loving women and men, loving God’s precious unborn and born babies, thanks to you.

Until there are 0…

June 24, 2022
Roe vs. Wade is Overturned

June 24, 2022
Abortion Remains Legal in FL Through 24 Weeks

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