December, 2022

While many have continued to search for hope in 2022, you GAVE the gift of hope to hundreds of babies who were able to experience their FIRST…Christmas, New Year, and 1st Birthdays. Grace wrapped in love extended to moms, dads, and families who can’t imagine life without their babies! YOUR generosity altered the choice and, ultimately, the outcome of 538 lives saved to date and countless hearts transformed in 2022!

Jaxyah, born 10-29

Luke, born 2-26

Londyn & Leliana, born 3-3

Julian, born 8-6

What do all of these pictures have in common? They all reflect a life that would have never been, a life saved, a precious life you invested in. God used YOU to save the precious lives of over 1,000 more. Each of these moms was considering ending the life of her child. Each was at an abortion clinic or pursuing one when they found CHOICES! Jaxyah’s mom was deserted by her boyfriend, who said, “No way.” Luke’s mom and dad were in a new relationship and said, “It’s too soon.” Londyn and Leliana’s mom was a recent high school graduate and said, “I’m too young.” Julian’s mom was without support and said, “I can’t do this alone.”

Thanks to you, each family experienced a divine appointment at CHOICES. Each one said YES to life and FIRSTS for their baby. When it comes to LIFE, our Father uses YOU through CHOICES clinics, staff, and volunteers to give hope to the hopeless. May this be a small glimpse, complete with a huge reminder of the lives you have invested in this year: 2,319 new patients, 531 who chose LIFE to date (…so far), and 122 who chose new life in Christ!

Thank you for faithfully giving to meet the special year-end matching gift of $500,000. I am beyond thankful for YOUR incredible investment in these FIRSTS and God’s plan for each child, mom, dad, and family. With your priceless investment, we will soon become the owners of our third clinic in Kissimmee on March 1st, and we are preparing now to reach more, save more, and love radically in 2023. May this NEW Year bring you great joy!

Until there are 0…


YEAR END MATCH WAS MET! $500,000 to Change Lives in 2023

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