November, 2022

You have no idea the number of transformations you empower daily at our two clinics! One of my favorite questions to ask the clinic staff is, “Have you seen any God sightings?” Then, picking just one is a challenge when you are so invested in changing outcomes for moms, dads, babies, families, and our community!

Ali” came to CHOICES with her “Nana” as her support person. She found herself in a place she never thought she would be at 34 years old, desperate, separated from her husband, healing from an abusive marriage, and caring for her two children. She had recently started a new job and life, but to say her emotions and her identity were fragile was an understatement. With a similar story decades ago, our nurse spoke life into Ali’s heart, reminding her of her identity in Christ. She reminded Ali that although she was broken, her foundation was secure.

With Ali’s permission, Nana was invited back for the ultrasound to see her beautiful 13-week unborn grandchild. Nana seemed agitated and said to Ali, “This place is a con, it’s deceptive, and they will make you keep your baby.” Ali responds, “You are so wrong. You have no idea who they are. They listened to my heart, and no one is making me do anything.”

Right then, Ali told Nana that abortion was off the table. Although Ali had been wrestling with her decision, the wrestle was over. And although abortion was no longer an option for her, the seed of adoption was planted that day. Nana even came full circle by the end of her time at CHOICES, and lots of hugs ensued!

We will never fully understand the power of truth as we give women and men permission to make the right decision for the life of their unborn child. Although we will never fully understand, with the power of the Holy Spirit, we embrace the resources we steward and speak life. And that, my friend, is what you facilitate at CHOICES!

Continue to pray for Ali as she continues to heal and navigates what it looks like to make healthy choices in her life! You can count on us to continue rolling up our sleeves and showing up to provide the friendship, classes, and referrals she needs to make the next best decision for her and her family in her messy circumstances.

Your generosity is a treasure that allows the Lord to work in the unexplainable and impossible wrestling every day to save and transform lives at CHOICES!

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