January, 2023

The saying, God works in mysterious ways, is so true at CHOICES, followed by the truth that He orders our steps. That’s why your faithful partnership matters! You contend for each woman and man that finds their way to CHOICES because there is no such thing as an accident here.

“Lily” had been to CHOICES previously and chosen abortion. Somehow she had forgotten our name and found herself at the UCF clinic, believing we were an abortion clinic. Lily and “Rick” firmly believed they were not ready to have a baby right now due to their financial constraints.

When Lily met with her Patient Advocate, she realized she was at Choices Women’s Clinic, and we were not going to perform an abortion. She was upset with herself for not paying attention or remembering our name and began to curse…very loudly! Because we believe no one walking through our doors is ever an accident, we did what we always do. We loved her!

Her nurse convinced Lily she should consider having an ultrasound. To everyone’s surprise, the scan revealed not one but two babies. Lily was so shocked she was speechless. However, Rick’s response was total enthrallment. Right then, he began to name his babies and give them the identity they deserved. Together they cried and decided to choose life for their babies!

Not all stories have the happy ending we would desire. We celebrate Lily and Rick’s decision but are very sad that they recently had a miscarriage. Believing He makes no mistakes and truly orders our steps, we believe our big God is pursuing them and allowed us to be a tiny part of their story. We know He makes no mistakes, even when she forgot who we were and came believing we would perform an abortion. We know He orders our steps, and their decision was the right one even when the outcome wasn’t what we hoped. We believe we get to be a part of their story, but someday we will know it in full.

As you faithfully partner with us at CHOICES, you, too, get to love well! You are a part of changing the outcome as we trust that someday we will see the bigger picture of His plans and pursuit of the lost and the least of these! Thank you, my friend!

Until there are 0…


Closing on our 3rd Clinic in Kissimmee MARCH 2, 2023

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