November Newsletter

Dear Friends of Choices,

Thank you for your faithful partnership. Every penny and every dollar counts at CHOICES! Your gifts save babies and empower women to make a CHOICE based on truth and the true love of Christ. You make a difference for lives like “Brittany’s” and her baby.

“Brittany” went to Orlando Women’s Center to have an abortion at 10 weeks. She did not really want to have an abortion but felt her circumstancesnovember-newsletter dictated otherwise. In college and the baby daddy long gone, and little help elsewhere led her to a difficult decision. As required by the state of Florida she was required to have an ultra sound before they did the termination. Did you know that abortion clinics do not show the women the picture?

“Brittany” wanted to see the picture and asked the staff member to show her the picture. She was shocked when the staff member refused. Between John Barros, sidewalk evangelist, preaching outside the clinic and the unethical response she began to wonder what kind of services she was receiving. It only took a few minutes before “Brittany” decided this was not for her! She asked for her money back and the clinic refused. This is what the world calls, “a woman’s right to choose”. I believe this is abusive and victimizing to women.

“Brittany” came to CHOICES for a free ultrasound. Tears streamed from her eyes as she saw her baby. She said, “How could they do that? This is a baby. This is my baby!” We had an opportunity to share how to have a relationship with JESUS CHRIST. She left choosing life for herself and her unborn baby! I can’t tell you how incredibly grateful she was for the services and the care she received at CHOICES.

Thank you for your generous gift! YOUR partnership is vitally important to offer women a real CHOICE. With your support, CHOICES can be here to offer truth, love, hope and a CHOICE that bears life. We are making a difference together!

LIFE Matters,

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